06 October 2008

A Knitting Smorgasborg

The drop dead gorgeous, probably most beautiful socks I have ever made are finished! The pattern is called Marilinda and it is designed by the ever famous Cookie A! The yarn is called Tidal by Tanis Fiber Arts in Montreal. Here is a close-up of the pattern as well as the finished socks:

And they are safely on my sock blockers, despite all efforts by Gunni to bounce and jump to reach them and make them his own. I have never seen the like....... he is totally obsessed with my knitting projects, be it the finished object or just the ball(s) of yarn. HE WANTS THEM! Now! So I am forced to be more creative in hiding knitting stuff, placing inappropriate things, i.e. planters, beside my chair so he can't reach the window ledge beside my chair where I keep my pattern and knitting paraphernalia. I refuse to be done in by an 18 pound little, albeit persist to the nth degree, dog!

Next up I am starting the Komet socks for KALs I am involved in:

I have started a pair of Mary Jane slippers for Miss Reese. These are to be left at MayMay's house when she is there. My intention is to finish them before we leave so I can drop them off on our way to Ottawa.

More yarn to knit another, smaller, pair of socks for David. This is going to be one of my driving in the car projects:

And finally, in an effort to wean myself away from the sock knitting, I am taking this along with me as well:

This will be a cabled sweater for Reese, exactly like the ones I knit for Shannon's boys. They are so warm and such a lovely fit. It will be passed on to Miss Leah when Reese outgrows it, so it is going to get double duty!

So that should keep me busy and entertained whilst we are away for the next little while!


lexa said...

Love those socks! I see you've got a few things on the go now. You're getting as bad as me. :) (I have more things on the go than what Ravelry says. Well, one or two things started during pre-Ravelry.)

Shannon said...

I adore the socks, they are gorgeous.

That kid in the pattern book is not nearly as cute as P&D. I should have them model their sweaters and have them get paid big bucks to be in a catalogue or something!!

Landerson said...

You have lucky grandchildren:)

Not sure how you manage so many projects at one time, but you sure do a great job!

Frieda said...

Wow , you have lots on the go ! The socks are beautiful , nice choice of pattern , it really shows up the yarn , or vice versa :) .

I've fallen out of love with some of the sock yarn in my stash , so I'm kind of trying to get those on the needles ASAP . I seem to have a lot of self striping yarns and these days I'm liking the solids or semi-solids much more .

Love your WIM sweater project for Reese . Have fun knitting and a safe trip home ...


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