20 October 2008

Nothing, if not persistent

I am talking about Gunni, not me! We cannot get him to stop jumping up on everything. He is so short and can't see so he jumps up. On everything! I spray him with water and yell "down". Two minutes later he does it again. I spray again and so we go. A never ending circle of jump up then spray and yell.

This morning I was doing laundry and he was helping. The only thing in the dryer he wanted were my blur Marilinda socks. He won't touch John's golf socks, right in front where he can reach or any other article of clothing. He just wants my socks! And he wants them badly! Sorry it is sideways. I can't figure out how to rotate it!

P.S. Just a quick note to say that Tampa Bay won the American League Championship last night and will play the Phillies in the World Series. That doesn't start till Wednesday night, so we can go to bed at a regular time the next 2 nights. The games going to 1:30 or 2 in the morning are killing me! But I stay up to the bitter end, no matter what! We were hoping for TB because that is where we ususally stay when we are in Florida.

PPS. I think I have tamed the K-K-K-Komet!


lexa said...

What a little bugger! Jewel won't stop jumping either. Everyone says knee her in the chest when she jumps up and knock her back down. (Not to hurt her, just to keep her down, and I say OFF!) Right. I do that about seven times in a row, then the next time we do it all over again.

Shannon said...

Cute . . . I like this little guy! Maybe you could throw him right in and wash him some day when he's dirty :-)

Marti said...

Hank likes to help with laundry too. If I even say laundry, he goes right to the laundry room. Only difference being, when he sticks his head in the washer/dryer (both front loaders) it takes up the whole opening. I think it all stems from the times I've washed his buddy Roscoe and let him pull him out of the dryer. And the fact that he likes things that smell good. Like laundry.

Landerson said...

He was sooooooo close to getting that sock! Poor little guy just needs another inch or 2 and he'd be right in there! Very cute:)


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