23 October 2008

*!#&*@! My Almost Komets

Can you believe it? Here we freaking go again.....

I finally decided all was well with the Komet socks and was down to the toe decrease when it dawned on me. The cables that I had been so carefully crossing in each pattern section, were to be the same all the way down and I was rotating them. So instead of all the cables in one section crossing over and all in the next section crossing under, mine were over, under, over, under. Damn Damn Damn. I could spit nails. Now I have to screw up the whole second sock to get it to look the same as the first because I for sure am not taking this sucker all out and starting again!

I have most of the ribbing done on sock # 2 and will work like the devil to finish these socks from hell.

The pattern itself is fine and easy to follow. The whole problem with these socks is me misreading said pattern and on top of that, not checking the pattern because I had it " memorized". Duh?!


lexa said...

LOL! No one would ever know the difference. I think they look great. :)

Heddy said...

Oh, Donna ;(

I have to admit, I was giggling a little as I read this ... I can picture the expression on your face when you found out, and the ructions you went through debating what to do ... made me grin! The socks are really nice, Noone will ever know what happened - and now, you have created a modification on the pattern which is just a snice as the true pattern intent - You are a Knitting Genious!

Landerson said...

Well they look good to me! Got Reese's sweater and slippers in the mail today:) I'll send a picture when I get the chance. Thanks Nana D!!!!

Frieda said...

I think they look mahvelous dahling ! Who's to know that you misread the pattern , they're now originals . I love the colour too.


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