19 October 2008

K-K-K-Komet is K-K-K-Killing me!

For those of you who do not knit, Komet is a sock pattern and I always name my socks for filing purposes. The name for this pair came from the old, old song, K-K-K-Katie, which I loved as a little girl. That whole alliteration thing and all!

If you are not a knitter, feel free to leave now as this will bore you to tears.

I cast on these lovely brown socks on October 5, so as to qualify for the Sock a Month KAL and I am knitting them in the Komet pattern, which is by the designer of the month for the Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL, thereby killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. I then proceded to put them aside and knit a pair of slippers for Reese, a pair of socks for David, and a gorgeous pink sweater for Reese. (See previous post for pics) So on Friday I pick up the socks and start to knit them. I am not sure is they were ticked off at me for being left alone or what, but.......

First thing, I crossed the cables backwards and didn't notice till the next time which was 14 rows into the sock and so I decide just to remember and do the opposite for the rest of the sock. No problem, right? Well, anyone who reads my blog knows I have knit lots of socks, easy patterns, really hard patterns. Some drop dead gorgeous socks. And this is a relatively easy pattern, the pattern repeats 3 times in each row and then 28 rows of pattern. But it is a simple 28 rows, and should not be causing me all this grief. I have tinked back at least 5 times, because I did something stupid, like putting the right cable in the wrong place at least 3 times! Grrrrr! I truly am concentrating and still screw up.

So I finally, and with a huge sigh of relief, got to the heel and decided to do the short row heel as described in the pattern. Start the heel and realize the misprint in the pattern should read, leave the last cables uncrossed, not to even the last cables and had to tink back to uncross the cables in that row. I then did the short row heel again to the point where I knew it was really going to be wrong and frogged back to the heel again. Started over with my usual heel flap/ gusset heel, knit that and had just picked up the gusset stitches on the right side and started knitting across the front in pattern and realized ..... I was meant to only leave the cable on the heel uncrossed, not the ones on the top of the sock. *&$!@*%!!

By this time it was 12:30 a.m. and the Tampa Bay Rays were losing and I was going out of my mind. So I very carefully dropped the 9 stitches used in the cable and managed, I think, to get them picked up properly and crossed them. Then I went on to the next cable and did the same thing.

Then the Rays lost and I went to bed and have not looked at the socks since. I figure by this point I have at least knit one whole sock and part of another and only have up to the heel to show for it! When I am brave enough to go and pick up my sock later today and look at it, I cannot guarantee what, if all is not well in Kometland, may happen to it.

I have visions of scissors in my head!


lexa said...

Wow, that's strange for you to have such problems! Hubs was up late watching the game, Sox fan that he is. He is off to work today but will be driving late, so he'll listen to the game on his XM Radio.

Anonymous said...

Socks with patterns and cables require me complete and sole attention. I usually knit while watching tv and if it's a sports event, I find it extra hard to pay attention. I forget to increase on an increase row when I have a notepad in front of me checking off each row! I would never be able to knit socks with cables etc.

Good Luck on the socks but I can't wish you luck for the Rays tonight.

Sign me a die-hard SOX fan.

Heddy said...

WOW! I can't believe this sok is getting to you! you used to love short row heels. Don't take the scissors to them - write some notes about what you did and give them a few days in the time out basket -- cast on for a equally complex pair (maybe the new ones for Brigid?), and make sure K-k-k-komet sees you while you are doing it! If it doesn't work for you after that -- maybe Gunny gets a new sock toy! ;)

Dorothy said...

Hope they start to behave themselves!!!


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