27 October 2008

The Killer Komets are Komplete!!

I cannot believe it but I finally finished these socks! I am not sure what the problem was with them, other than the fact that I misread and memorized the pattern wrong.  I have seen other peoples' Komets and they are fine and don't seem to have the issues I did. Their socks are lovely.
While mine are probably fine to the non knitters eye, to me they suck and can't even be given as a gift. Hence they will be for me. The other issue might be the colour. Whilst it is a lovely blend of browns, called Chestnut, and brings back all sort of childhood memories related to the chestnut tree in our back yard, I just didn't love the colour. I don't know what it was but they are over and I am glad and  am on to bigger and better things!

I have started the Lima sweater for Lauren and although it is taupe coloured, I think I will enjoy knitting it. The pattern is seed stitch, which is pretty boring, but the yarn is a Worsted weight and I am using size 6 needles, so it is knitting up fairly quickly. And OMG it is soooooooo soft. I absolutely love touching it. I will post a picture that shows the colour better when I have a few inches done and when it is daylight. This picture shows the pattern well, but the yarn colour is totally not even close!

Nothing much going on this week. The usual hair, pedicure and nail appointments all fall on this week, so that will keep me busy. That usually only happens a couple of times a year, so I won't complain. We have dinner out at a friend's house tomorrow night, and no Knit Nite this week as it is John's turn to host his Wednesday  poker group.

On the really exciting news, the Lucy Neatby classes are on this Friday and Saturday, Three of the Liverpudlians are going and we will carpool, so a good time will be had by all. We are doing a sock session all day Friday ( I hope to master the short row heel ), and then a lace workshop on Saturday.  This may get me back to doing lace again. The Mystery Stole # 3 really put a dent in my lacing knitting mojo and I have avoided it like the plague since! Except for socks which I don't really count as lace even though many of them do have a lace pattern in them.

On that note, I am off to Lima and TV for the night. It could possibly be the end of the Tampa Bay Rays cinderella run, as they are down 3 games - 1 and Game 5 tonight is in Philadelphia again.  They have had an amazing go of it and I don't count them out yet, but the Phillies seem to definitely be on a roll!  I am sure it will be morning before I find out the results as the game doesn't start until 9:30 our time. On the other hand, if it goes along quickly, (  like that would ever happen! ), I may be able to stay up and see the end.


lexa said...

They'll be a nice pair of socks for you. (Even though there's nothing wrong with them for gift socks -- you're just too critical. I know, I am with myself, too.)

Heddy said...

Kute Komets - the brown is a nice neutral tone, and the pattern is quite pretty!

Shannon said...

The socks look gorgeous to me - don't look they suck at all!! Your feet and ankles will be simply gorgeous wearing those :-) Almost a shame to wear shoes . . .

Marti said...

Looking forward to seeing that sweater knit up. It's going to be waaaaaaarm.

Dorothy said...

you know ... if the socks are going to bug you that much ... I'd be willing to take them off your hands :) Seriously, they are great!!! No reason not to give them as a gift.
Have fun with Lucy. Wish I was going.


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