16 October 2008

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

We have had a busy 8 days. First off we went to Ottawa for the christening of Leah and her cousin Pierson on last Sunday. We stopped off outside Saint John on our way to deliver some things to Lauren and to pick up packages to take to Ottawa. Pink clothes for Leah that Miss Reese had outgrown. That is going to be one well dressed little baby. Plus christening gifts and a birthday gift for David who turns 3 the end of this month! We stayed overnight in Edmunston NB and then got up early to get to Ottawa by late afternoon. And what a reception! Everyone was there, including Paul's cousin Anne and her husband Dave and 5 year old Aiden, who Shan's boys adore. Paul's mom and sister and nephew were there as well. Shannon prepared a delicious dinner for everyone and we all had a great time. John & I stayed at a hotel near Shannon's house so we were easily able to scoot back and forth.

Saturday morning I had some free time and went to the yarn shop Wool Tyme. I had been looking for yarn to knit this sweater that Lauren loved and lo and behold - they had it there in many colours. So I got enough plus some extra to knit that project. Plus I bought 2 skeins of a local yarn called Apple Laine in a lovely blue to replace the Marilinda socks I originally planned on knitting for Brigid and then kept for myself. I did come clean and admitted to her what I had done and then showed her the new yarn which she liked, so I will have to find a special pattern to knit it up in.

That evening we all went to Brigid's house where her sister Mary and husband Dave and son Andrew and fiance Shayna were all staying, as well as Paul's sister Stephanie and son Pierson, for a wonderful dinner of Indian food. Just amazing! I so wish we had an Indian restaurant around here. I think they served 12 adults and 5 kids dinner that night and everyone had lots to eat, drink and dessert. A lovely evening was had by all.

Then on Sunday we all went to the church for the christenings. Everyone behaved well, including the big brothers and cousin!

Here we have the parents and children who were christened. Pierson's father was unable to come this weekend as he had complications following an appendectomy a few weeks ago, so it is Stepahie with Pierson, Shan, Paul & Leah.

This is the other proud grandmother, Granny Brigid with the girl of the day!

Sunday evening was a huge Thanksgiving dinner at Brigid's house, which was a joint effort. Everybody contributed something ( we brought wine ) and it was absolutely delicious and so much food! It was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend! Family, friends and food!

John is doing some bonding with Leah!

Aiden is showing off his missing tooth! 18 month old Pierson & Mom:

Pete painting and Dave just hanging out:

We left early Monday morning to head to the US and Freeport Maine, home of the ever popular L.L. Bean! John did some shopping there and got everything on his list. I went to the Carter's Children's clothing store and got a bunch of stuff on Lauren's list for Reese & Hunter. A successful trip!

Wednesday we arrived at Lauren's after lunch to find the 2 little ones down for their naps. But they were up and in great spirits before too long. We had a lovely dinner and evening with them before getting in the car one last time to head for home.

We got here late yesterday afternoon to find everything was great. Gunni got along fine with Debra, our dog sitter. ( There was the whole he was scared of her because of the vacuum cleaner issue, but that has been resolved now, thank heavens!) We really count on having her come down if we are away all day or for weeks at a time, so this is huge news for me! It just makes life so much easier for me and she can always use the extra income, so it is a win/win for both us!

As for knitting, I accomplished a lot. We drove about 3500 km and John prefers to drive, so he drove most of that distance, whilst I knit. I finished the socks for David, which fit and he loved, on the way up. I then started the cabled sweter for Reese and finished the last on the sleeves of the on our way home yesterday and sewed it together last night! The yarn is the Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran and is so soft and warm and it is a size 2-3 so it should fit for 2 winters! I think Reese will love it! I know the boys liked the ones I knit for them!

And that is it for our last seven days. I am looking forward to some quiet time and try to catch up on all the programs I have DVR'd whilst we were away!


Shannon said...

Glad to see you survived and made it home okay! The sweater is sweet, I just love it. Looks so cozy and warm for a cool fall day. David loves his socks, he's been wearing them and calls them his "slippery" socks (cuz he falls on the floor). You got some nice shots, I like Leah in all those pictures - I liked the one of you with David and one with you and Pete I posted on my blog. So cute!!! Life is back to normal here and going well. Another weekend is upon us and I can't wait!!

Shannon said...

Sorry - I clicked on all of your "reactions" :-)

lexa said...

LL Bean?!?!?! I'm jealous.

Leah looks just like her brothers, holy cow!

Glad you had a nice visit. I don't blame you for keeping those socks and making her a different pair. They are gorgeous and definitely YOU!

Should see you Wednesday night if Knit Nite is on.


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