26 September 2008

Wouldn't ya know it?

Guess who has a head cold.....stuffed nose, sinuses, sore throat, the whole shebang? Me. The person with tickets to the Elton John concert tonight. It started Wednesday evening and I promptly took Cold FX, Vitamin C, lots of fluids and rested. All day Thursday as well. I did everything right. And here I am this morning......a sniffling, stuffy headed, walking, talking germ factory. After much deliberation and checking with our friends who are also going to the show, I have decided to medicate myself and go and germs be damned! The tickets are too expensive and the wait has been so delicious and I can actually walk and talk, so I am going! I should probably wear a mask, but I can't breath at the best of times right now, and I fear a mask would not work for me.

News of the concert to follow in my next post.

The down time actually gave me some extra time to work on my Marilinda socks and I must say, I am loving them:

BTW: I have been playing around with my header picture on this site and I am having great fun with it, as you can possibly tell. Who knows what will be next?!

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lexa said...

Hope you have a wonderful time regardless of the germs! Can't wait to hear all about it. T arrived home early this morning, flu laden. He's better today, but apparently yesterday it was really bad. He had to sleep most of the day in between trips to the driver's room bathroom. Not fun to be in that situation and stuck in a tin can!


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