22 September 2008

Dogs, socks et al.....

The dogs are out in the pen so I will quickly take a picture of my current sock. Gunni is totally obsessed with the whole knitting thing. He loves the knitting bags, the yarn, the finished product, everything about knitting. For some bizarre reason, he thinks they are all toys for his pleasure. Not like he doesn't have a whole wicker laundry basket full of toys he can play with. He wants mine as well. Plus he is small and feels he really should be a lap dog. Which is fine until Maggie decides she should be there as well and that just doesn't work! So I am not getting as much knitting time lately, hence production has slowed down. And adding to that, Gunni is the only male dog I have ever known that doesn't pee on everything in sight. I am out late at night walking the d*** dog for 20 minutes to half an hour, trying to cajole him into peeing. It's not like he doesn't have to go, trust me. When he finally does condescend to lift the hind leg and pee, he goes like a little racehorse and for the longest time. I don't know what to do. The nights are getting colder and I am not going to keep doing this at bedtime, but I hate to put him to bed with a full bladder. Any hints on how to get a male dog to pee would be much appreciated. I bet even the dog whisperer hasn't had this issue!

So here is my sock. The colour is gorgeous, shades of blues and I love it. The pattern is called Marilinda, by Cookie A and is more intricate than most of my socks, but I was looking for a challenge. I have just started the leg pattern, so you really can't see the pattern
unless you go to the link. I needed to get a picture to post as a September entry in the SKA September Sockdown to show that I had indeed cast on in September. I already have the orange pair done for this month, but I wanted another project to work on and this one qualifies and doesn't need to be finished until the end of October.

Tonight is the first night we have been home for dinner in days and believe it or not we are having leftovers! I really look forward to getting home from our trip to Ottawa and Maine and Saint John and settling into a nice routine again!

But, not yet, as this weekend is the big ELTON JOHN CONCERT!!! And we are going to Charlotte Lane in Shelburne tomorrow night with our friends from England who are going back home on Thursday. They are comimg to pick us up early so she can check out my finished socks for fit and colour before I knit her a pair!


lexa said...

Very pretty!

Can't wait to hear your review of the concert. Enjoy!

Dorothy said...

Enjoy Charlotte Lane tonight.

Should have come on the weekend, you could have checked out the whirlygig festival.

Heddy said...

I can't wait to see the pattern ... the colour is very nice, I like the shading a lot.

You really can whip up the socks, lady! Fast fingers - there will be no no frosty feet in your home this winter!

Frieda said...

Love the socks so far . I still haven't used any of the tanis yarn in my stash . I'm saving it for a "special " pattern , whatever that means I'm not too sure . Weird , I know .

Enjoy your concert !


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