01 September 2008

Saint John weekend

I am home again from a successful visit with Lauren and Mark and Hunter. Miss Reese was with her other grandparents at their summer place in Maine for the long weekend and I was babysitting the wee one so the kids could go to a wedding. Mark was the best man and the MC so it was important for him to be there and not worry about the baby! I must say it is strange to be there without Reese. Her big eyes and big smile just melt your heart. However, I did a lot of bonding time with Hunter as you can see. What a handsome young man! I also took Gunni with me to meet the A. family, including golden retriever Lola!  After a bit of snarling and sniffing, they decided all was well and  played constantly for the rest of our visit! No pictures because I forgot my camera.

Not much knitting done either, as I left my yarn for sock monkey at home. I had everything else, but no yarn. On Saturday morning, Lauren took me to Cricket Cove, which is a lovely yarn shop and I just happened to have a gift certificate from the girls to spend there! After much browsing and soul searching, I got 8 balls of Debbie Bliss, cashmarino aran, to knit a sweater for Reese and to then pass on to Miss Leah! It is the ever popular cabled sweater pattern that I have knit for the boys and fits so nicely.

And I had enough to also get this mitten kit from a company called SweaterKits. It is a black alpaca and a blue/green silk and is knitting up just beautifully! I hope I have enough of the silk though. It doesn't look to me like it will be enough, but we will see, I am back working on the sock monkey, so the mitts will be put aside for the time being!

The weather here is windy and wet, not like Gustav by any stretch, but a perfect day to sit home and watch the US Open and knit. Which is exactly what I am going to do!


Heddy said...

oooh ... Ilike the mitten - that brown and turquoise is really smart looking!

that pink Bliss looks blissful, and will be an adorable sweater. That's a pretty cute baby you have there! He is really starting to be a big gu, eh?

I need to see this sock monkey I have been hearing so much about ... pictures please, or is this a thing I only get to see if I drag my lazy butt to knit nit? lol! I hear from Jill that he is really cute (and I am scared I will want to make one!)

lexa said...

Yes, we need sock monkey pictures. Today isn't a nice day at all. We came home early from the camper. That's okay, I have a ton of laundry to do, and I want to finish the jacket to my baby set tonight. Then it's just the bonnet. This one is pink, and I've got blue to make a boy's set. I'm really itching to do baby stuff right now. Must be where Marti is expecting. I'm not! End of the line for me -- getting too old.

Landerson said...

The mittens look awesome!

Thanks again for all your help while you were here:)

Frieda said...

Love the photo of you and Hunter - he's adorable ! Can't wait to meet our grandson-to-be . Won't be too long now ...


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