24 August 2008

Tug of War & FO

Here is another video clip of the dogs playing.

I have finished my last pair of socks for SOS08.

These are for my esthnetician for Christmas......another one done! Yay!
There is another full week for the sock knitting, but I know I have too many things to do to finish a pair in one week. Now I am thinking of knitting a sock monkey. Several Ravelry people are doing them and they are just too darn cute. I figure with 5 grandkids, one of them is bound to like them!

Last night we went to our Goddaughter's birthday party in Summerville. I have never missed one yet and this was her 20th!!!! Her mother mentioned that the boiled wool slippers I had knit her a few years ago had worn right through the sole! So of course I offered to knit her another pair. Turns out goddaughter often wore her mother's pair and loved them. So guess what I will be doing for a while?!

Today we are going to a housewarming for a friend of mine and then tonight we are having friends in for dinner! Busy! Busy! But fun!

I promise not to post any more clips of the dogs being so darn cute!


Dorothy said...

I have those socks in the feather and fan pattern. Mine aren't twins though, my right foot sock has a red heel, and my left foot sock has a red toe :)
Glad the dogs are getting along OK!

lexa said...

Glad they are getting along! It's a good thing when you got the wrong dog that you didn't drop him off on the way home to be neutered. :)

Frieda said...

The new addition is just too cute , great that they get along . I can't believe you almost ended up with the "wrong" dog , that's hilarious !

The socks are beautiful . I have that pattern in my queue , have to move it up . So much knitting , so little time ...

Marti said...

Glad the puppies are getting along well. Hope Gunni is getting used to the whole house training thing rather quickly as well.


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