14 September 2008

Nut 'n Honey

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood! The sun is shining and there is that lovely fall crispness in the air! I looooove autumn! I love the colours of the leaves changing and the nights getting cooler ( so much easier to sleep). I love the goldenrod and the apple trees all red with fruit. I love walking on the fallen leaves, like a gorgeous palatte of colour! Autumn is my favourite time of the year!

We have had a busy schedule at our house lately. Friends from England are here at their summer home for 5 weeks so we have seen a lot of them. Dinner out at friends cottage at the lake on Friday and tonight we go to the Quarterdeck with friends. It is a lovely restaurant and the food is good, but the view is to die for. You are literally sitting with the Atlantic Ocean lapping or crashing, depending upon the tide and weather, right underneath you. We are so lucky to have this great place 5 minutes from our house!

The dogs are getting along very well. Maggie seems to think that Gunni is her baby and watches out for him carefully. At other times she treats him like a toy and plays with incessantly, batting at him with her paw and generally tormenting him. Then there is the rawhide issue. We always make sure that there are 2 or 3 around, but no matter how many we have, they both want the same one. So great a great tug of war ensues and we are off to the races. Or else one dog has the rawhide and the other stalks , albeit with total nonchalance, until the one dog goes for a drink or something, at which point the other pounces and takes off with the prize! They are just so funny and keep us laughing.

Gunni is doing well post op. No licking of the wound or anything. His biggest issue is the fact that he takes forever to pee! I am out with him nights for 20 - 30 minutes, trying to tempt the little thing into lifting the leg and peeing. I will confess that I am NOT laughing when this is going on!

I am almost finished my Little Arrow socks, hopefully by tonight and I will post pics when they are done. I am going to be knitting a plain stockinette pair for grandson #2 who was wearing last year's sock the other day even though the heel was well down on his sole. He even remembered that I had knit them for him. So for that reason alone, he deserves new hand knit socks! ( Turns out that #1 prefers his sport socks so that is why I am not making any for him. ) I bought enough yarn so I should be able to get 2 pairs for him and will take them up on our visit for Miss Leah's christening in October. Here is a gratuitous picture of the boys with their new haircuts. How cute are they?

So with those big smiles to cheer up your day, I am off to lunch with my husband!


Marti said...

Very cute little gentlemen indeed. We had Hank and his best friend here for a night together and they too fought over the same chewie. Playfully, and it was indeed funny to watch. Glad to hear Gunni is doing well...must've been all the extra lovin' from his people parents. Still giggling about the whole sock monkey thing.

lexa said...

Animals can provide a lot of entertainment, can't they?

Landerson said...

Cute little fellers!!

Glad to hear Gunni made out well with his little surgery. Lola misses him lots:)


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