09 September 2008

Busy busy bee!

Where does the time go? What am I doing? I really can't say, but not blogging and very little knitting is getting done lately!

We had people in for dinner on Saturday night and went out to dinner at a friend's house on Sunday evening. Yesterday I was in the city for a car appointment and a bunch of errands and got home around suppertime with a new HDTV for John's upstairs office. I got the TV set up but not hooked up to an HD box yet. We are trying to decide whether to continue renting the box(s), or purchasing then from Future Shop. It pays for itself in three years and just makes sense to me. Sort of like renting a house instead of purchasing one. So we will have to make that decision soon!  Someone wants his HDTV!  This way he can watch football ( which I loath with a passion and I truly like most sports)  and I can watch things like tennis and curling that J doesn't enjoy!

While I was away, John was also off on a golf trip and my cleaning lady came down to take the dogs for a walk. Well, I guess she had an adventure. Mr. G decided he didn't want to walk, sat down and when she tugged on the leash, his choke collar broke and he took off like a bat out of hell! So she is running after him with Maggie on the leash and spent the next half hour, with the help of our neighbours, finally catching him and getting him back in the house! The breeder had told me that little choke collar wouldn't hold up and I didn' t believe her! Guess who now has 2 new heavier collars!?

The US Open was keeping me busy too. Yay Roger won!!!
Then this morning I had to take Gunni to the Vet for his surgery, neutering, teeth cleaning and microchip put in. As I am writing this, I got a call on my cell from the vet, telling me that he is ok but his little heart rate dropped to 30 and then required medication to get it back to normal. So rather than risk another drop, they opted not to do the teeth cleaning. Not sure whether they did the microchip or not. Nor do I care. I just want to get back there and bring the dear little thing home! Will he get cuddling tonight!

On the knitting front, I am working on my Little Arrow socks, and I think I have just the person to give them to as a Christmas gift!  I just need to finish the toe on this one and get the other started. The pattern is really quite easy and looks lovely on!  I will say that I am definitely enjoying sock knitting, possibly to the point where you might even say I am somewhat addicted.

Speaking of which, I have signed up for the Lucy Neatby classes at Have A Yarn next month. She is doing one whole day on socks and the second day is lace knitting!   At least 2 other KN ladies are going as well!  I am thinking this will be a fun weekend!!

I took the coffee quiz despite the fact that I don't partake and this is what came up:

You Are a Frappacino

At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low


Marti said...

Pretty socks. Glad that Mr. G is alright. Hank goes for his surgery (long overdue) on Oct. 2...right in time for his birthday. Worst...present...ever.

Frieda said...

Glad to hear that Gunni will be okay . Better safe than sorry .

The socks look terrific - great fall colour . Lucky you to be able to take the Lucy Neatby classes and with some knit buddies . Have fun !!!

I signed up for a drop spindle spinning class in November . I figured that November would be a nice quiet time for me . The next couple of months should be busy, (so what else is new ), with my father visiting from Austria , new grandbaby and oh, yes September is the birthday month ...

Heddy said...

Socks ar elooking great -- and you are just clipping right along with them!

Glad to hear that the Gunni incident re
: the freedom run worked out ok -- and wow! scarey re: the neutering. Something very similar happened when we got Curly, our kitty fixed ... his heart rate dropped and he started to hemmorage (sp?) I can empathize with you, and am sending Gunni a virtual {Hug!} and a {belly rub!}, and hope he is feeling himself (just marginally less so) soon.

I signed up - number 2 on the list (you are probably first on there!) ... looking forward to it alot!

LOL! re: the coffee quiz ... it really got you on the "At your best", but ... the "at your worst", not so much!

lexa said...

Glad to hear Gunni is okay. My Simba has always had a hard time when being put under for anything. They give him the more expensive stuff (of course) cuz he's extrememly slow coming out of the sleep. Apparently it's worse with the cheaper stuff, and they won't chance it with him.

Shannon said...

Poor Gunni, what a scare! I'm glad he is ok, and that you survived it too. Those socks are gorgeous, you are really creating some beautiful things lately. Love the little monkey too, he's a cutie!


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