15 September 2008

The Long and Winding road.......

It seems to me that knitting is a long and winding road on which one travels. You buy yarn and a pattern and you start a project. You knit and knit and sometimes knit for a long time until you finish said project. Then there is a fork in the road and you must decide which path to take, or new project to work on, as it were. There are so many yarns and so many patterns that it seems mind boggling and yet a decision is made and the process starts again. You are always pleased with the finished result, but can't wait to take that new pathway in the road. And there are lots of people that try many different paths, they are so tempted by all the choices. I love traveling on the knitters' road and seeing all the wonderful new and colourful places it takes me!

The orange socks have been completed and I am pleased with them, despite not being an orange fan! I do like the pattern and it shows up beautifully with the Tanis Fiber Arts yarn. I would definitely recommend this pattern. It is called Flying Arrows by Helen Waites and is a free download on Ravelry!

Next I am starting the socks for young David. I found some Kroy striped and a solid navy and hope to get 2 pair from them. Not being used to knitting kids socks, I am not sure if that is doable or not! But I'll try! I am tempted to knit them 2 at a time on circular needles, but I think with small socks it might be too fidgety for me. These will be my braindead socks for car etc.

Another decision made.

Another path taken!

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Frieda said...

Just love your socks ! Great choice of pattern really shows up the beauty of the yarn. Nicely done !

As for the socks for David if you have Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks she has a chart with guidelines for socks based on shoe size for men women & children . I also seem to remember an online source for the same sort of thing , maybe google can help ...


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