20 September 2008

Socks for David

What a good Nana I am! All Shan had to do was hint that David's socks that he loves are too small and I knit him a new pair. Not the same yarn as the first ones, so I hope he likes them. It really wasn't my favourite yarn, kind of rough feeling, but I soaked it in Eucalan and hope it will soften up nicely. I shall put them in the mail Monday and will know about the fit before I knit another pair. (The colour in the picture looks black, but is really navy blue.)I actually have lots of leftovers from the really soft lovely Tanis Fiber Arts yarn I have been using for socks lately and could make a really nice soft cozy pair with all those bits and pieces!

Not sure what my next project will be. I will look through my stash and see what calls my name. I know I have some more Tanis around and I so love working with it that I will probably cast on more socks. I also have some yarn to knit a sweater for Miss Reese ( to be passed on to Miss Leah), but am not mentally ready for that yet. I still feel the urge to knit socks.

True story: We were at a friend's for dinner last evening and having a wonderful time. Drinks and wine were consumed. At some point during the evening, my friend turned to me and said "Do you think I am drunk enough yet to ask you to knit me a pair of socks?" I loved it! (I am always so happy when someone actually says they would like something I knit!) I told her I was basically stopping strangers on the street to see if they would like me to knit them socks and would be totally pleased to knit her a pair. Size and colour have been determined and the appropriate sock yarn will be purchased in the near future!

I am off to do some stash busting!


lexa said...

That's too funny! Did PC ever get her leafy socks?

Shannon said...

Those are so cute!! He will love them :-) So who was drunk enough to request socks?????

Frieda said...

Oh those socks are so great, perfect for a young man ! Love your sock story , but I'm not surprised by the request all of your sock knitting is terrific, who wouldn't want a pair ...


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