06 August 2008


Whew what a week! Our daughters and families all arrived on Friday and the sun has basically disappeared since then! Cloudy, foggy, rainy, drizzle, foggy, humid, thunderstorms, foggy! And coolish! Definitely not beach weather! However, we all made the best of things and have had a wonderful, albeit, exhausting, time for us older folks. The children are so cute, slightly biased here, and pictures will follow. I just don't have time to go through them all and pick out the best ones.

Yesterday Shan took her brood to the Rossignol Cultural Centre, where they had a great time. Perfect place for little boys. If you have never been there, I would strongly suggest a visit. Children under 6 are free! Shannon was very impressed and said it would be on a par with some of the museums in Ottawa!! Not bad for our little town.

I have been busy with all the family and haven't done much knitting. I did decide I need a brain dead project to work on whilst they were here, so I started Cookie A's Monkey socks and managed to get one finished last night:

Yesterday I had a hair/pedicure afternoon, so I offered to take Paul's mom, Brigid, to the airport. She flew down on Friday and they picked her up at the airport and brought her here with them. (There is a long story there, but I suspect Shan will write about it. Let's just say that the one and only turnoff for Halifax and the south shore was missed.)  She stayed for 5 days of totally horrid weather, but she did seem to enjoy spending time with everyone. On my way home I stopped it at Have A Yarn to check out any new yarns and found this. I have decided to do the Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL this year and the first month's sock must be orange. I am even thinking I know who will get this for Christmas this year! Aren't I a clever knitter?

Tonight I am taking Pete to Bridgewater to Boston Pizza for dinner and then to the movie Wall-E. Cross your fingers for me that all goes well. The last time in Ottawa I didn't have a problem, but this is a 40 mimute drive away. Thank goodness for the DVD player in my vehicle!! I will let you know how it goes!

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lexa said...

Hope your outing with Pete goes well, that looks like a cute movie. My BF in Calgary has a dvd player in her Jeep. They had it installed. I loved it -- didn't hear a peep out of my kids at all. I have to have one sometime. :)


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