07 August 2008

Wall-E update (or lack thereof)

Below is a copy of the letter I sent to the Empire Theaters people:

"This website showed that the movie Wall-E was playing yesterday in Bridgewater NS at 7 and 9:20 pm. I arrived at 6:45 with my 4 year old grandson to see the movie, only to find out it wasn't on. I drove 45 minutes there and 45 minutes home for nothing. He was very disappointed and I was very frustrated. I had checked the times that afternoon to make sure we would be there on time, so I know that it was definitely showing as being shown that evening. I did check when I got home and it was still showing, but later that evening it had been updated.
We go to the movies there usually every couple of weeks and now I am going to wonder how recently updated your webpage is and if we should bother to make the trip at all!"

In case you aren't sure, that is me being annoyed and somewhat sarcastic. I couldn't believe we went all that way for nothing. Pete watched his Star Wars movie on the way down and we had a fun time at Boston Pizza for dinner, but no movie! He was really good about it. I let him run around and play with all the video machines for a while. There was another lady there with 2 kids who also planned on seeing the movie and she was really ticked off too! Anyway, off we go to Walmart, to get a toy instead. Pete picked out a Luke Skywalker figure for him and a different one for David. He played with it all the way home and was happy! And so was his brother to get a new toy.

I, on the other hand, am still annoyed about it, but writing the letter did help.


lexa said...

I don't blame you at all! I remember going to the show in town one time, like 12 years ago. It was supposed to be one of the Star Trek movies. We got in there, and it was Romeo and Juliet! It was awful. I had just started dating the guy I went with, and he was sure I did it on purpose. It was a really terrible movie. (The poster was still up for the Star Trek movie, and the person selling tickets didn't tell us that it was changed or else I would have left.)

Landerson said...

Pete is still quite taken with his Luke Skywalker figure.....he didn't let it out of his sight while he was here. And Mark set him up with some old Star Wars books, circa 1976!

Dorothy said...

have you heard anything back from them?
what a disappointment!


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