29 July 2008

Countdown to Friday

Well the summer is moving along so quickly I cannot believe it is the end of July already! I was doing my bills online and noticed the date with shock! July 29th! Three more days until our kids come from Ottawa and Saint John. We are going to have a houseful and a yardful! The beach may never be the same again! The boys and Reese will have a wonderful time in the sand and water!!!

Shan's family is already in Saint John visiting with Lauren at their cottage and all is going well there! Then they all pack up and come here for a week. Shannon and Paul have rented a cottage around the corner from us as it has 4 bedrooms and they are bringing Paul's mom along with them for a few days! I so hope the weather is fine as it makes a vacation and the whole south shore area more fun!! Lauren and Mark and kids are staying at our house in the two small bedrooms. We are really looking forward to it!!

John is out doing the yard thing, mowing and trimming so everything looks nice and he doesn't have to do it whilst they are here. I am checking out grocery lists and things I have to do to get ready. I may make a Costco run on Thursday. That would be really a good idea. I could get some of their salads and things for dinners!? We'll see.

Tonight is KN at my house. We changed it for this week as I have a commitment on Wednesday and can't host next week. I hope to finish my current socks:

(I only have one half ( 8 rows) of pattern repeat and the toe to finish the second one) and be starting a new pair when the ladies get here!! The Embossed Leaves pattern really came out better than I thought they would. The pattern is not as visible as it would be in a lighter colour, but you can still see it. The new pair I am going to start is called Celtic Braid by Linda Gemmel from the Cabin Fever people and I am going to use my purple Tanis Fiber Arts yarn!

How drop dead gorgeous are those going to be?!?!

July 29: 4:30- ETA: Done!


lexa said...

The socks look gorgeous! Wish I could have seen them in person tonight. :(

Frieda said...

Those socks are just gorgeous ! I love the colourway . I knit the Celtic Braid socks for Stef as Christmas gift a couple years ago , before blog and ravelry , so no pics unfortunately . She loved them and wears them often.

Have great time with the family , hope the weather cooperates !


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