10 August 2008

Grandkids pics and Pair #6 finished

Peace and quiet reign supreme in our house once again. Shannon and fmaily left on Friday to make their way back to Ottawa. They should arrive there later today. Despite the terrible weather, they had a great visit and we were so pleased to see them all and get to know the boys again. Miss Leah is just a charmer. She smiles and laughs and is just a joy to be around.

Next we have Hunter, also a happy little man as you can see:

Now for the piece de resistance:

This is Leah and Hunter and Lauren's friend with her baby Brooke, same age as Leah. Aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww!

Here we have Reese, playing Princess and having a snack:

You may have noticed there are no pictures of Pete and David. They were far too busy and in constant motion for me to get any, but I am sure Mark or Shan have some that I will be able to get to post.

I am coming along nicely with my Summer of Socks projects. My goal was to knit 6-8 pairs and each pair was to be a different pattern and hopefully a new technique. So far I have managed the different pattern part, but my last pair does not have a new to me technique. However, they are lovely and I am very pleased with them. I have also noticed that when I look at my project page on Ravelry, or look at the pics here on my blog, that the colour blue is a pretty predominant colour. A few purples ( which could also be considered part of the blue family) thrown in for good measure and one green. So I think I am going to have to branch out and do new colours. However I need to use up some of my stash before I get new colours ( she said, tongue in cheek)!

Now I am back working on my Braid Cable socks. I am ready to turn the heel on the first pair, so I should have a progress pic soon.

The Olympics are on and I am managing to get some knitting in whilst I watch, and anticipate much progress in these next 2 Olympic weeks!


lexa said...

Glad that your visit was a joy even though we didn't have the greatest weather. Love the socks.

Frieda said...

Awwwww is right ! Super photos of the grandkids . Glad that you enjoyed the visit .
I seem to recall you saying that you don't like wearing handknit socks , are those gorgeous socks all to give away , if so lucky recipients . You really are cranking them out for the SoS 08 !

Landerson said...

Enjoy your peace and quiet:)


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