21 August 2008

Maggie & Gunni: Friends!

Here they are in a quick little clip, having a grand time:


lexa said...

Too cute! I've been toying with the idea of getting Jewel a playmate. She'd love it.

Shannon said...

Totally cute!! But not long enough, I need to see some more real dog action.

Dorothy said...

So sweet.
Yes, Gunni is much cuter than Bob.
You've re-started the "I wish we had a dog" feelings in me ... uh oh!

blueadt said...

I've just played your clip & my two 'dales went barmy! Oscar climbed up onto the chair & nearly ended up on my lap & poor old Annie was fast asleep & stumbled as she bounced out of bed to find out where the new dogs were [VBG]

Fantastic news that they get on so well!


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