20 August 2008

The Real McCoy... or Gunni as it were!

Well here we are. Home again and with the right dog this time. This is Bob on the right. Notice the red hair around his nose. The next one is Bob posing in a side view! He was a nice little dog, but didn't really take to Maggie that much. We feared Mags would be the problem, but not this time!

This is Gunni. Notice the black around his nose. Also notice how much cuter Gunni is than Bob! ☺

And here we have a couple of pics of Maggie and Gunni playing in the pen in the back yard. You can tell how much smaller he is than she is! Wow! But I suppose it is a 25 pound difference! Anyway, they are getting along well and he is in his crate right now, having had a couple of accidents in the house!

I am tired and look forward to putting my feet up with my Knit Nite ladies shortly!


lexa said...

He's a cutie! I told T at work today about your adventures. Didn't he laugh!

Landerson said...

I LOVE him already! Can't wait to meet him:)


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