19 August 2008

And heeeeeere's.............


Early this morning I left to drive to Elmsdale, about 2 hours away, to pick up our new little dog. Needless to say I was excited and really eager to get the little man and bring him home. I arrived at the breeder's exactly at 11 a.m. and was back on the road with the little fellow in his new crate on his way to his new home. He looked gorgeous as they had groomed him yesterday. When we saw him on Sunday, he was scruffy and in dire need of grooming, so he looked totally handsome!

On my way home I made a few detours and stops, Bayer's Lake, and then into Bridgewater to pick up dog food and make an appointment for him to be checked over by my Vet. Then on to LaHave where I popped in to visit a friend and introduced him to her family and grandkids! He was so cute and friendly. Finally we were almost home, after being in the car for the better part of five hours, with pee breaks of course.

Five minutes from my house my cell phone rings and it is the breeder's husband. I of course am slightly curious as to why he is calling me?! And guess what he tells me? "You've got the wrong dog!" They groomed two Welsh Terriers yesterday and his wife grabbed the wrong dog. I have Bob, not Gunni! No wonder the poor thing didn't respond to me calling him Gunni all day long! I had the wrong *^#!!%*%*& dog!!!

So Maggie has to spend the night with this strange dog Bob, and then tomorrow we'll make the exchange of dogs and I will bring home Gunni! At least I hope it's Gunni! And we will start all over again. Poor Mags won't know what is going on, first one dog, then another and now the first one again!

Fortunately we ( John & I ) both found the whole thing very funny and it will be great fodder for the cocktail parties for months to come. The breeder on the other hand, whilst seeing the funny side, is on the embarrassing end of the story and probably won't be telling this dog tale too many times!

Photos of our real dog tomorrow!


lexa said...

What a shame! Bob probably thought you were a nut calling him Gunni all day. LOL! That will be a funny story to tell. :)

Shannon said...

Well, that turned my frown upside down, THAT'S for sure. I really can't believe that. You're a good sport, someone in the wrong kinda mood would have been really ticked about that! Looking forward to seeing pics of the real Gunni :-)

Marti said...

OMG, that's hilarious. Since no harm was done, just a couple of mildly confused dogs, it really is quite funny.

Landerson said...


Dorothy said...

I needed a chuckle, thanks for providing it :)


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