16 August 2008

Only in Canada you say?

Another pair of socks finished for SOS08. These are called Celtic Braid #157 and designed by Lynda Gemmell. The yarn is lilac, by Tanis Fiber Arts. The designer is Canadian and the yarn is spun and dyed in Canada, so these are totally Made in Canada socks!! How cool is that?

I have started a new pair of socks for my esthnetician for Christmas. They are the Broadripple pattern and easy to knit, but I think they will be lovely. They are in pink and greys and she loves pink and wears a lot of black, hence the colour choice. The purple pair is for my hairdresser as she has small feet and these are a size 6 so should fit her perfectly!

Nothing much going on here this week. We had Knit Nite here on Wednesday night and we had a new knitter come to see if she likes it. Not that she is a new knitter, just that she is new to our group. A very lovely lady and she would be a great addition to the Knitterpudlians!

Last night we went out to a dinner party to a friend's newly renovated cottage. Wow! It looks lovely from the front, but when we went into the back it is amazing. These lots are not very big and have been owned by the families for many years. We just couldn't believe what they did with that little bit of space. Martha Stewart look out! We dined outside in the courtyard with candles and flowers everywhere and it waas just the loveliest evening!

Tonight we were supposed to go to a Reunion committee meeting party in Crescent Beach, but it is pouring rain and so has been postponed til tomorrow, when the weather is supposed to be much better! I will be crossing my fingers for sun! It will be fun to get together with everyone again. We met weekly for the better part of a year and really had fun together!

We have something on for tomorrow morning, but I am not saying anything about it yet. However, we may have a bit of exciting news in the next day or so.

Stay tuned!

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Marti said...

Whatisitwhatisitwhatisit???? I hate waiting.


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