24 July 2008

Two (2) Alerts! Sock and Squeamish

It has been two (2) days of sitting in front of one or another computer, but I am finally a go on my new one and my old one is working away upstairs for John. His has been recycled to my cleaning lady and she is pleased. I had computer guy out here yesterday to tweak a few things on my new one, and make sure the wireless hookup was working on John's. So hopefully I won't have to do that again for a few more years!

Sock alert for those tired of seeing sock progress pics!

I have started a new sock called Embossed Leaves. It is my fourth pair for the SOS08 and my friend was quite taken with the pair I was knitting whilst visiting them. So I offered to make her a pair and she picked out this pattern and the yarn:
I wasn't sure the pattern would show up on the dark scok yarn, it is the Tanis Midnight colour, but it does seem to show ok. It got the nod from the KN girls last night! Speaking of KN, we have a couple of new people, one of whom is just learning to knit. She finished a dishcloth last night and they are both going to start socks as their next project! Yay for them!

We were in Bear River last weekend visiting with friends and generally having a great time. Bear River is a very small community and they had their cherry festival on that weekend. The big thing is the fireworks show. So off we trucked after dinner on Saturday evening to the river to find a place to watch the fireworks! And watch we did. What an amazing display! We couldn't believe it. Much better than our local ones and as good as some of the biggest displays I have ever seen!

Squeamish alert! If you don't like medical stuff, skip this paragraph.
Sunday morning when I got up, I thought to myself, am I getting a bladder infection? A little while later I confirmed that yes indeed I was! So off my friend and I headed off to the clinic in Annapolis, where a test confirmed for sure. Doc saw me and prescribed a medication and then to the pharmacy. We spent much of the afternoon getting this looked after! Long story short, by the next afternoon it was worse, not better, so my friend gave me a backup that she uses. I tried that and all seemed to be improving. I took the last dose last evening and woke up this morning peeing blood! Insert curse words here! So I am off to my doctor this morning and hopefully she will be able to give me something to knock the infection dead! Anyone who has had a bladder infection will totally empathize with me!!! I am also wondering if sitting and doing computer stuff for two (2) days! may have aggravated the whole situation! My question mark is now doing this on my keyboard É . Anyone know why or how to fix it É
ETA: Apparently it is only on blogger. It is correct on my email and word documents!

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lexa said...

Ew, I hope you get that bladder infection cleared up pronto.

That sock does look great. I think it's just where it's a darker yarn, maybe, and you've been doing mostly lighter colored socks.


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