25 July 2008

Notes about Nothing

Yes, I went to the doctor yesterday and she gave me stronger meds and to be taken for twice as long as usual and we hope that is going to work. Feeling much better today, so knock on wood, cross your fingers, and all that stuff.

Last night we went to Bridgewater with friends to dinner and then to see the movie Mama Mia and couldn't believe it when we got there and found it sold out!!! There was nothing else on that we were interested in seeing, so we came home. Maybe on Monday we can go. That is our only free night before the kids come!!! One more week!!!

My socks are coming along and looking better. I will probably finish one today, as my friend only takes a size 6. They are looking ok on the blockers, so I think they will be fine once they are on. I still think the pattern would show up more in a lighter colour. So now that this pair is coming along, my mind is wandering onto the next pair. What pattern? What colour?

(I just noticed that my question mark is working again!?!) It really doesn't take much to get me excited. But I will say that I am really enjoying my new computer and how FAST it works!! Especially for opening my photo editing program and MS Office. I swear it used to take 5 minutes to open either one of those. And god forbid anything else was going on because then it virtually came to a stop!

Next I am off to Bridgewater to the plumbing shop. I need a valve replaced in my shower and the one plumber I could find in our area only deals with Moen and ours is Aquadis or some such. So he may be able to fix it, but would have to order the part, etc, etc!!! I said that I could get the part if he would replace it in the shower. The valve sticks sometimes and I can't get hot water. I get tepid water, but not hot and I love a nice hot shower!! There are disadvantages to living in a rural area!!!

But on the up side, we are going to White Point for dinner tonight with friends, so that will be fun!!

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lexa said...

The sock is looking good!

Have fun at dinner. I have to work the weekend. Tuna sandwich for me tonight. :(


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