21 July 2008

Cable Rib socks!

Pair #4 done for the SOS08! Yes! I love them and they fit perfectly!

Now I have to decide which pair to knit next. I am trying to use this SOS thing to knit a different pattern for each pair, and I am also trying to learn a new technique knitting each pair. I have no chance at the most socks in contest but I did enter the holiday socks one. And I have absolutely no idea what that will be at present.

In case you don't hear from me again, or at least for the next few days, I am going to try to set up my new desktop computer tomorrow. Today has been dedicated to saving all my Very Important stuff, files, pictures etc! I do have computer guy Joey coming on Wed. to help replace John's computer upstairs with this one and make sure the wireless connections are working! I swear I have put doing this off every day last week and am dreading actually doing it. I love getting a new computer but I HATE trying to get it set up with all the programs and downloads, etc. etc. etc! At least now, with Joey coming on Wed., I can't put it off anymore, and if I do get in a mess, he will be able to fix it for me!

Backup backup backup!!! I want to knit!F!!


Frieda said...

Your new socks are outstanding ! I love your choices of pattern and yarn ; you're always right on .

Good luck with the computer changeover ...

lexa said...

Lovely! Good luck deciding on the next pair. With all this terrible weather this week (which we really do need) it makes for lots of knitting time.

Shannon said...

Love the socks . . . good luck with the computer stuff.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Love those socks!


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