07 July 2008

Monday Morning Roundup

This past weekend was the Wimbledon finals. So we had the Williams sisters playing for the Ladies singles title and for the doubles title! That was fun to watch and some great tennis. Then yesterday we had what was arguably the best match of the decade, Federer versus Nadal, 5 sets, two tie breaks, and the final that went 10 - 8 in favour of Nadal. It was hard to watch. I was exhausted. I knit. I made errors. I frogged back and knit again! And with the rain delays it went from 10 a.m yesterday morning till 5:15 p.m. ADT. What a match! It was really sad that someone has to lose, but I am pleased for Nadal, I would definitely give the edge to him. Federer had many opportunities to break and was not able to do so.

Next up is the Olympics!

I am coming along with John's socks. I am on the cuff and should finish that today and cast on for the second one. The pattern is boring and the colour is boring and the whole toe up thing is not my favourite I have decided. Other than making the cuffs longer, I can see no benefit to starting at the toe. I have no problem trying them on when knitting from the cuff down and considering that most of my sock knitting is given away, fitting is not an issue. I knit them to fit the desired foot size! Once I finish the second sock, there may be no more toe up socks for me. Or not. I am leaving it open just in case.......... I want to knit pretty socks with gorgeous yarn!

We had friends in for dinner on Saturday and Sunday nights. Very last minute and casual and fun! Tomorrow John and I are going to the city to do some errands. He needs wine and we are looking for a blanket box for the foot of our bed. This bed is so high we want something to sit on when tieing shoes etc. We are going to stay in and have a nice dinner somewhere and then home again. Mags is being dog sat by my cleaning lady who lives up our road and loves Maggie and doesn't mind popping in to walk and feed her for us. We are so lucky to have her and when we go away overnight or even to Florida for the month, she comes and stays with Maggie! Thus I feel better knowing she is in her own house and not in a kennel somewhere, She is a house dog and used to her creature comforts!

Another sunny warm day here in the beautiful south shore of Nova Scotia and I am to do Monday things!


Landerson said...

Unforutnatley I missed most of the mens final but I did catch the last set......WOW! I was pleased for Rafa though:)

Anonymous said...

I am usually not a men's tennis fan, but I MUST agree! Yesterday's Men's finals were remarkable and unbelieveable. Almost a shame that Federer had to lose. I am happy that Nadal won though......to be 22 and win from 5time champion.....My knitting consisted of a plain dishcloth so I could knit and watch!

Shannon said...

i missed the tennis due to much sickness in my house. but I hope you and dad have a nice day in Halifax!!! enjoy your dinner out!

Frieda said...

For some reason , I'm not tempted to knit toe up socks . Could be that I've never mastered short row heels and really don't have a problem with fitting cuff down socks . To each his own ...


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