07 July 2008

Brain Dead

Guess who is getting very forgetful? Me! Yes I admit it! I totally forgot that I have a pedicure and hair appointment tomorrow and will have to postpone our trip to the city until Thursday! It may be the heat as it is very warm here. 28! Hot! Thank heavens for sock knitting. I don't think I could handle anything bigger than a sock.

BTW, I finished the first sock for John and it fits perfectly and he likes it and so I am going to cast on for the second one. I see this one progressing faster than the first one as I know what I am doing now. I still maintain I prefer the cuff down sock!
A picture will follow when I get the foot and sock and camera together at the same time!

Now, I am going to sit in front of my fan!!!!


Shannon said...

Hi Brain Dead :-)

It is also your eldest daughter's 8 year anniversary tomorrow.

Big day, huh?

Enjoy your pampering!

lexa said...

It must be the heat! I even went swimming today with the boys at BF's parents' place. Their pool was just like cool tub water -- was it ever nice!


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