16 June 2008

Weekend roundup

I am trying to be good and get John's company books done and to the accountants this week. They are due the end of the month so it might appear that I am leaving it a bit on the late side. This is a job that I have put off for weeks, if not months, that I dread doing and has been hanging over my head like a big black cloud. So yesterday I decided to bite the old bullet and start in. Wow! In one afternoon I had six (6) months done and anticipate finishing them off today!! Yes! When the Simply Accounting program works and I remember what I am doing, it just flies along. Plus the fact that J has been working his way to retirement the past year means that the number of entries is way down! Tonight I will be able to sit down and knit and feel very virtuous and enjoy my time with my yarn!

Last night we had friends in for a US Open barbecue. A great time was had by all, especially those hoping for Tiger! So yay ( insert sarcasm here ), because he came back and birdied the last hole, tied for first place, and we have another 18 holes to watch today! Apparently for this major tournament, they play the entire game, not just a playoff hole or so! Again, sarcastic Yay!

On Saturday we went KIPing. To the uninitiated, that would be Knit in Public day. We knit in Liverpool and then 3 of us went on to Mahone Bay and knit with their group. We made new friends and had a lovely lunch and got yarn, etc on sale! For pictures and way more info, check Heddy. at her blog!

Knit Note: I finished one of my slippers and am not taking a picture. They look totally sucky until they have been felted.

I decided I didn't like the way the men's Dashing were coming along using the Alpaka yarn, so have frogged it and will knit them in a SWS that I got on the weekend. Again no picture, but I think the colour (grays) is much more masculine than the Noro that I had planned to get.

And that is all for now!

4PM today I finished the books!


lexa said...

Looking forward to seeing some FO pictures! Can't wait til we have a road trip that all five of us can go on. :)

Anonymous said...

Although it's nice to root for the underdog (in this case, Rooco Mediate), who can deny that Tiger is gifted! Actually amazing. He won today and although I like to root for the underdog, Tiger's win allowed us to see that cute little baby of his!

Good for you on finishing the books!! I love reading your blog and reading your daughter's blog's.


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