19 June 2008

Summer of Socks 08

I can't believe I am saying this,( having but recently become a sock fan), but I am getting excited about the Summer of Socks. The first day of summer, this Saturday, is the official start date. I have managed to collect a few skeins of gorgeous sock yarn and am eagerly awaiting the time when I can wind them into balls. ( I feared that I may not have the strength not too use them if I had them ready too soon ). But the time has now come....... I can wind my skeins into lovely balls, all ready for knitting! I have spent some time on Ravelry checking out all the sock patterns out there, have faved some and queued others. I have looked through my sock books. All in an effort to find the perfect pattern for these precious balls of yarn. And now we are down to nitty gritty time. Biting the bullet time. S__t or get off the pot time. Yes, I am a knitting geek!

What I have worked on the past few days:
A donut for one of our Knit Nite girls. She has made a little chef's outfit for her niece who loves to help mommy bake, and so we all offered to make little baking things.

And I am almost through my funky slippers. They will look much better once they have been felted:

Last night was Knit Nite and we had a new lady visit. Her name is Kathy, not sure if it is a K or a C, but I seem to think K. She also did up some sweets for Marti, Oreo cookies and Petit fours! Really cute and very nice of her! Everyone was there but Donna Weir, who had to work! She finished the little sweater for me, which I have to block and and sew the buttons on, then I will post a pic of the finished product!

In other news, there have been no further snake visits. We cleared out that closet and stuffed every crack and crevice with steel wool. If that doesn't work, we will have to get some polyfil or something to try to plug the access! But so far, so good.

Mags is getting her hair done today. We tend to do it more often in the summer, partially because of the heat, but mainly because of the (insert curse word) ticks!I hate them. They are horrid. The bane of our existence here on the lovely south shore of Nova Scotia! But we cope and Frontline Mags monthly. I will say that is the best product we have ever used. The only ticks we usually find are DEAD. So I am off to Bridgewater to pick her up.

And tonight is John's poker night, so my friends and I are going to White Point for a lovely relaxing dinner!

Barring any further snake incidents, my next post will be for the official start of SOS08!


lexa said...

I'm kinda looking forward to SOS, too, although the pair on the needles now won't count. I probably won't be able to limit myself to socks only. I didn't enter for the most socks, so I guess it doesn't matter. I didn't enter any of the contests, come to think of it.

Frieda said...

I'm looking forward to SOS too .Thanks to you I've enhanced the sock yarn stash . I tracked down the LYS that carries Tanis Fiber Arts sock yarn . It is gorgeous .I've printed out some patterns from Ravelry , but no decisions yet as to the first pair of socks . Still working on the Baby Backwards Ribs socks (thanks for showing them on your blog Sheri). The Nova Scotia knitters area bunch of enablers ;-)) , especially the Knitterpudlians !

Marti said...

I loves the donut. I have to scramble to get some socks on the go done so that I can free up my sock needles for SOS08. I've been dying to knit up my other skein of Somoko. I'm a geek too.


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