21 June 2008

Let the Games Begin!

After much soul searching and book browsing and ravelry addiction, I finally decided to start with the Monkey socks and my pretty Tanis turquoise yarn. Then this morning the SOS08 pattern arrived in my email box and it is done on 2 circulars and toe up, both of which techniques I want to try. Do you think someone is sending me a message? I do. Now I just have to pick out one of my yarns to go with it. I am torn between the Arequipa beach or lily pond.

I finished off the second funky felted slipper. So that is basically done, just waiting to be felted. I then needed a small project to hold me over till today, so I started the Noro Fingerless mitts for Mark. I finished all but the thumb last night and obviously I will finish that before I make my sock decision.

Finished the mitts.

Ok! Decision made. I am going with the Lily Pond! Yay! Let the games begin1

And I admit it. I am a knitting geek!


Heddy said...

good choice ... such a pretty colour. I wimped out and am doing mine on 5 dpns -- but it is going well, and I figure, why mess with a good thing! I don't have 2 dpns in a 2.25 mm anyway (I went up a size due to tight guage - not that i did a swatch! I just know I am tight knitting in the round.)

Anxious to see your pretty sock once some progress is made.
Thanks for posting and feeding my fibre craving.

Shannon said...

I like the gloves - they look great!!! (p.s. I can recognize dad's hairy arm anywhere . . . )

lexa said...

I was going to start with Monkeys, but I couldn't find a copy of the pattern, so I started Pillars of Atlantis. Only got three rounds done after casting on last night at the camper after 11pm, but at least I got to start on the first day!


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