27 June 2008

SOS08 # 1 Done!

I finished my Lupin socks last evening and have now started on Spring Forward using a gorgeous purple colour! (The colour is a little more purple and less bluish than is showing in the picture.)

It is probably going to be for Shan as she loves purple, but I'll see. I just have an inch or so done, so you can't see the pattern yet. I hope my family likes my socks, because chances are they will be getting a pair for Christmas!

Today is cloudy and damp and it is supposed to rain. We have had a stretch of gorgeous weather and we really need the rain, so this is not a complaint, just an observation. And another reason to sit and watch Wimbledon and knit!

Not much exciting going on in my life. No more snakes in the closet. We are seeing an unusual number of wildlife in our backyard though. Along with our family of wild rabbits and the occasional deer, we have had a fox, a gigantic porcupine and a baby racoon in the last 2 days! That certainly makes life exciting for Maggie who goes racing around the yard with her nose to the ground with all the interesting scents!

Tonight we are going to the Trattoria del Nonna in Lunenburg for dinner with friends. I love the menu there.....so many wonderful choices! We will put down the wee little third row in my MDX and take all six of us in the one vehicle. That way there will only need to be one DD. I of course will be sitting in the front seat knitting!

The rain delay at Wimbledon is almost over so I am off!


lexa said...

I love the lupine socks! Are they for you? Shannon will love those socks if she happens to get them. They are on my list to do, too.

We needed that rain, that's for sure! My poor lawn is turning brown out front on the banks. I go out every night to water the vegetable garden.

Shannon said...

Yes, those socks are screaming for this mommy of three :-) Not in this hot weather but the fall for sure. Did you get a sock thing to model your socks??? They look pretty good, even better than real feet I'd say. And less smelly :-) Enjoy your dinner in Lunenburg, I bet it will be amazing. We're having shwarmas from our favourite little place!

Frieda said...

Lovely lupines , the yarn was perfect for that pattern. I see that your knitting the Spring Forward socks with the KnitPicks DPNs , how are they holding up ? I've been tempted to order some but worry that they'll break or splinter . I've had problems in the past with bamboo DPNs, bending and breaking.


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