30 June 2008

Happy Canada Day!!

The last few days have been overcast and rainy and coolish out, and Wimbledon has been on, so I have spent the time working on my second pair of SOS08 socks. These are from a pattern I downloaded from Ravelry called Spring Forward. I do like them, but think they may be marginally big for the intended recipient. We will see. If so, I can always find someone to give them to as a gift or whatever! Click on the picture to see the pattern better:

Even John is getting into the whole sock thing and has condescended to let me knit him a pair. He quite likes this pair from my Sensational Knitted Sock book. Not sure if I will so those next ( gray Trekking), or start on a pair with one of my really gorgeous colours and fibres!

He probably won't wear his till the fall anyway. So I guess I know which way I am leaning. But then again, I could actually have two projects on the go at once. I certainly won't be the only one doing that!

Not much else going on in my world lately. Tomorrow is July 1, Canada Day, and there is not much going on here until Thursday, when our Privateer Days start, and then the whole town is busy busy busy! Street vendors, entertainment, parades and fireworks!! Looks like another knitting/ Wimbledon day for me tomorrrow.

Happy Canada Day!!


lexa said...

Hubs is going to get a pair of socks! The only kind I've ever made for mine is work socks from heavy yarn. I don't think he'd wear "normal" ones. Though, you never know. But I wouldn't really want to knit him a pair from sock yarn -- he's a 12/13!

Shannon said...

Too bad your intended recipient has such small little smurf feet :-) I'm sure dad will love his!!! Enjoy Privateer Days . . . little Liverpool will be a hub of activity. How will the Tim Horton's drive thru handle all that extra business ;-)

Landerson said...

Wish we were there for Privateers Days.....always a fun time. I've been enjoying lots of Wimbeldon while the little fella BF's. And you know how often he eats!!!! Happy belated Canada Day!


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