05 June 2008

On the Road Again

I sound like Willie Nelson, or whoever sings that country song. Tomorrow I go over to Saint John to help Lauren out whilst Mark is having a guys weekend in Montreal. And I will hopefully get some bonding time in with Reese now that she is over the stomach flu and Hunter will have grown like a weed in the last 12 days since I have seen him.

I have been knitting like a crazy person, doing the little fingerless gloves. They are so easy and so quick and I keep finding leftover yarn to knit " just one more pair" with! I am to 3 pairs now. Here is the third pair:

I found a skein of black alpaca that I purchased to knit the Odessa hat for Shan and it only needed one ball, so I may use the extra ball for pair #4!

I also have sorted all the wools I have purchased lately in one container ( large ) and have decided I had best knit up some slippers now that I have all these funky and bright colours!

If you see any colours you like, get your order in now!

Last night was Knit Night and my Toe Up Socks didn't go too well. Lexa suggested trying this method from Knitty, so I may try that tonight before throwing in the Toe Up Sock totally from my repertoire! That and packing are my projects for tonight. I am trying to knit up a couple of pair of kids socks for a fundraiser a friend of mine is involved with and she asked if I would mind and TaDah! Kids socks coming up!

That's all for today. Have a great weekend!


lexa said...

Have fun visiting! Hopefully we'll have everything in place when you get back for the buttons.

I love bright colored slippers. You are going to have oodles of cool combinations, that's for sure.

That little blurb on the end of my blog post today -- that's what I typed up today to put into customer's bags as little handouts about our sale and gathering next weekend. I've been telling everyone I see in grocery stores or wherever that buy yarn from us Plus everyone will want to know who the Knitterpudlians are! I'm hoping for a busy day. I also placed a small yarn order today with mostly sock yarn on it. There's also some backordered sock yarn that I'm hoping will be here by next weekend.

Marti said...

Love the blue fetchings! Hmm...must ponder slipper request...


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