09 June 2008

Attention Debbie!

My sister Debbie has complained that I have too much knitting stuff on my knitting blog. Duh!? So in an effort to keep her up to date on what is happening outside of my knitting world, here are some pictures of my recent trip to Saint John to visit with Lauren and family.

Here is Miss Reese, otherwise known as the Bubble Queen, blowing bubbles:

Waiting for her mother to take her to Day Care this morning in her so cool capri pants:

Playing with Lola in the back yard:

And finally, Hunter's first smile ( I was there and I am positive it was a smile. He did it 3 times!) :

It was a fun visit for me. Reese was her happy little self and is currently calling me MamaD instead of NanaD, which is what we were trying to get her to say. Her Saint John grandmother is Nana, so we were trying to differentiate between the two of us! She and I went to Tim's one day for lunch and then to Toys R Us where she became attached to a small and not expensive little kitty, which ended up our car on the way home. She slept with him last night, so I know she really likes him.
I also got to give Hunter his bath a couple of times. It amazes me how you just remember how to do all those baby things! I guess it's like riding a bike, muscle memory cuts in and you just do it automatically! Plus, whilst Lauren and Reese were at a birthday party, I gave him his first bottle, which if I do say, he handled like a pro. Not a flinch, or anything. Just " give me the milk ". And he drained it!

I will confess to sleeping like a log whilst I was there!

I am trying the Blogger video clip thingy. Not sure if it will work, but if it does, I took the clip sideways, so that is how it shows up and I don't know how to rotate it around, but it is cute! Reese is dressed up in her birthday party dress and is of course, blowing bubbles and trying to get Lola, their dog, to chase them:

And last but not least, a brief knitting note. I finished one pair of kids' socks which I knit from the toe up. Not happy with the heel, it is done with short rows, but it looks ok. The second one is a generic top down child's sock. Both are being done for a friend as silent auction items:

And that's all for today!


lexa said...

The grandkids are always oh, so cute! That's the thing that annoys me with short row heels -- mine always have the little holes, and it aggravates the heck outta me. I need someone to show me how to fix that.

Landerson said...

You're a star! Thanks again for all your help! And Reese continues to ask for Mama D:0)

Frieda said...

Good to know that you remember how to do all those baby things , speaking as an expectant Ommy (grandma).

I've never managed a successful short row heel , so I stick to my tried and true heel flap .Love the colours of both socks !


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