02 June 2008

No wonder I'm Tired

Today was a busy day for me. I started off with an appointment with my doctor at 9:00 in town. She had the results of my CT scan on my lower back and it is indeed arthritis and nothing can be done. She basically said what I have been doing all along, and that is adapt my life to the back issue. If it is causes problems, don't do it! She also put me on an anitbiotic which will hopefully clear up my sinus and sore throat and cough issue! Knock on wood! I can tell you that this bug is wearing on me and I sick and tired of it! Two months is too long to be always feeling blicky.

Then I drove to Halifax, (which is only hilly if you are walking Marti) where I accomplished a bunch of errands. First I went to Nova Scotia Crystal to pick up something for my daughter. That is such a beautiful place and everything in the store is gorgeous! You can watch the artisans working with the crystal and it is amazing to see.

Then on my way to the Halifax Shopping Center, I made a short detour and went to LK Yarns. I think I was meant to be there as right in front of the store was a parking space and it was lunch hour too! They had some Cascade in gorgeous colours so I bought 3 skeins to add to my slipper yarn stash. Aren't the oranges bright and cheerful?

And they had several shades of Arequips so I found one I really liked in that. I am going to use all this sock yarn for the Summer of Socks 2008 and most will be given away as gifts.

Finally, they had some yarn hand dyed by a girl in Montreal who went to NSCAD in Halifax and is now selling her own yarn, Tanis Fiber Arts. Here is a link to her Etsy shop and you can see she has some gorgeous colours.

Then home in time to have my friend for dinner tonight, thanks to the good people at Costco. His wife is away for 10 days and we wanted to have him in and this was the only night we could do it before I go to Saint John on Friday! So we had some laughs and now I am getting ready to finish my second Fetching. Here is the first one:

And this is the pair of Noro fingerless gloves I did on the weekend:

So yes, I'm tired.

That's all for now!


lexa said...

New pretty yarns! We'll have to have a yarn petting fest at your place Wednesday night. :)

Frieda said...

Both sets of fingerless mitts are oh so fetching (couldn't resist ) . We should just call you speedy, those knits are flying off the needles. Thanks for the heads up about Tanis Fiber Arts . I did a bit of research to see where her yarns are sold locally. Don't want to add to Canada Posts' coffers unnecessarilly .

Hope you feel better soon !

Landerson said...

The fingerless gloves look great! Can't wait! Oh and thanks for stopping at NS Crystal.....were you successful?

sue said...

I hope the antibiotics work well for you and you start to feel better. Nothing worse than not feeling like yourself. I love those gloves, and the yarns are gorgeous. I do hope you can manage your back pain, it must be so frustrating.


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