01 June 2008


Francie finally finished! I love these socks, I really do. But I didn't love knitting them. I found the pattern to be too wordy and yet not precise enough for me. I like my patterns to be logical and give exact details for each step. I don't know that I would do them again, but I did find the second sock easier than the first, having struggled and made every wrong turn I could with that one. However, I think they are gorgeous and I love the look of them!

I then started this pair of fingerless gloves for Lauren. Everyone I talk to says they are wonderful, especially if you have kids as you have your fingers free for blowing noses, seatbelting, etc. and still have warm hands. Plus you don't have to keep taking your gloves off and on!

They are knit using the Noro Kueryon and are quick to do and again you have that instant gratification thing!

Next I am going to knit these with this yarn:

Not for anyone in particular. I think they would be lovely tucked in with a Christmas gift or to donate when someone asks for something knitted.

I am off to watch the French Open again and start the Fetchings. Jokovic is playing and he is so much fun to watch. Then it is Nadal and I love watching him play. So we should get some knitting done today!

Bye bye for now.


lexa said...

I love those socks! It looks great, and I especially love that color. Nice fingerless mitts, too.

Heddy said...

hmmm ... fingerless gloves;) I love the alpaca -- very pretty colour, and the noro is really great looking too.

The Francie's turned out beautiful; I love them -- totally gogeous.

Anonymous said...

Those socks are beautiful, you did a wonderful job. I wish I had someone to knit socks for me! Instead I live with an abundance of quilts. Without crafters we'd all freeze, no?


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