30 May 2008

No Party, No Prizes!

Today is my Three year blogiversary! There will be no party and no prizes. Just these comments.

I checked my early blog entries and decided that my goal of taking pictures of all my projects has been accomplished. Plus a ton of other things, new grandkid pictures and updates, trip pictures, and never ending commentaries on the weather. ( My little weather pixie has helped cut down on the weather complaints though.) I have found new friends, a wealth of new information, patterns, yarn etc. from blogging. It is also a wonderful way to go back and remember all the things, good and bad, that happened over each year! I am so glad I started this blog and thank my KN friend Lexa for getting me started.

And thanks to taking all those pictures, when I signed up for Ravelry, I had loads of projects to enter into their database! Ravelry is great and amazing and I love feeling part of a worldwide knitting community and knowing that I am contributing something to their database to help improve it!

So Happy Blogiversary to me and we hope for many more!

I am off to watch some French Open tennis and knit on my second Francie sock!

Bye bye for now.


Marti said...

Happy Blogiversary!

lexa said...

Happy blogiversary! I am going to enter all of my FOs from this year at least into Ravelry. I think I'll do 2007 as well at some point since I have them all linked on my blog, easy to find.

Heddy said...

Happy Day!

Shannon said...

Wow - three years!?? That's great and I owe you b/c you're the reason I started mine (almost three years now too!). You're so hip and with it :-)

Frieda said...

Happy Blogiversary !


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