09 May 2008

The socks from He__!

I will say that after much gnashing of teeth and anxiety and generally wishy washy behaviour, I continued on with the entrelac sock. The more it grew, the better I liked it. It is bright and cheerful and the colours are gorgeous. I really like this sock! I finished the pattern part and decided, since the yarn remaining on my ball looked iffy, to do the short rows heel.

I am now about an inch or more from the decrease and may have enough to finish the toe. But, the second ball of wool is definitely much smaller than the first so I will never have enough to finish that toe. So, what to do? Tear it back and make the entrelac pattern shorter? Tear it back to the heel and then insert a solid colour every couple of rows to stretch out the variegated yarn? Buying more of that colour is not an option. I went to the store and they don't have any. *%@!*&%!!! So again, after much more gnashing of teeth, cursing, and being royally p'd off, this is what I did!

Fortunately, Donna W, one of our KN girls, has entered the Summer of Socks group and will knit socks for anyone who provides yarn. Are you reading this Donna? You can take this yarn and knit it! I don't want to touch it again! I am going to knit pretty socks with my lime green yarn. Again, I don't like the pattern I started this yarn with and am going to rip it out and knit the Francie pattern, which I fell in love with after seeing on the Yarn Harlot's blog. They are the last pair on her post and I love them. I think they will be gorgeous! I will keep them for me!

John left yesterday for his much anticipated trip to Scotland with 3 friends for a golf vacation. I am sure he is in bed and asleep as I type this. They were flying all night and then playing golf when they arrived today! So Mags and I are on our own and so far are quite enjoying our time together. Mind you, I did go to Mahone Bay with a friend today and had a lovely lunch of mussel soup at the Inlet Cafe! And got a new pair of sandals, which I really needed :) And I got my passport picture taken and my form to the Federal office in Bridgewater that looks after that sort of thing. My new passport should be here in 4 - 6 weeks. The young man who waited on me turns out to be the son of a lady who judges in figure skating and I know her very well. Small world.

To continue with the whole small world thing...... On Sunday, Marti and I are going to Tim's and are meeting a girl from Halifax who we met on Ravelry. Her husband is from Liverpool and his father was a friend of my brother.

It is time to feed Mags and then take her for a walk.

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

Too bad about the sock. It is very bright and vibrant yarn. I've got some yarn picked out to give to Donna to knit for me. Anything to help a fellow knitter achieve her goal!

Oh, I caved and signed up for SOS, too.

Kelly said...

ohhh add a solid, maybe a pink??


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