10 May 2008

New Happy Socks

This is one 32 row repeat plus ribbing on the Francie sock. I love it!

Bye bye.


lexa said...

I SOOOO love that color! It's me! Must see them in person when they're done.

Heddy said...

I love that green ... and the pattern is so pretty too -- these will be gorgeous! (and the new needles look swanky too! I must get me some!)

Cali said...

After I saw your socks I went to the Harlot's site and checked them out. They are amazing!! I have since qued them on ravelry and will by the pattern soon. I am excited to see yours when they are done!!

Shannon said...

I like the green too - what a rich, vibrant colour! No one you know will have cold feet, will they, at this rate???? :-)


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