07 May 2008

Foggy Day

I was checking my little weather pixie and thought she was always a bit warmer than it seemed to be here. Apparently I edited her one day and didn't realize I had to re-check all the boxes again. As a result, she was giving the weather for Heathrow Airport in London England instead of Western Head in Queens County. That is where our nearest weather thingy is. So now that is corrected and the weather info she presents is accurate! No longer all the sunny warm days that we weren't getting. Now she is dressed appropriately for our cooler foggier weather!

I have been working on a pair of entrelac socks and whilst they are challenging and fun to knit, I am not loving the way they are turning out:

I will finish them, but that will probably be my last pair of that pattern. There are so many neat patterns out there, my new goal is to make every pair with a different pattern. I also joined the Summer of Socks group in Ravelry. (I don't know whether the link will take you there or not. I am a member so it goes automatically.) Not to win the most number knit, but just to have a supposed purpose for all the socks I am knitting.

If you have a good eye, you may have noticed in the sock picture a package of needles. Yes, my Harmony needles arrived from Knit Picks and I love them already! They are on the entrlac sock now and working just beautifully!

I am off to town now. I need to go sign cheques at the centre where I volunteer as treasurer and sign cheques every two weeks. It takes about one half hour, but gives me a chance to visit the clients and staff and have a chat. Then lunch with my Wednesday lunch friends and home for the afternoon.

Bye bye for now!

PS. I forgot, it's Knit Nite tonight!


Kelly said...

oh how can you not love those socks! They look great, I love the bright colours!

lexa said...

I did Summer of Socks last year. Don't know if I'll bother this year or not. I'm waiting for Sockapalooza 5 to start up. I'll also join the 52 Pair Plunge again. Last time I made 29 pairs in a year. I'll be happy to at least hit the halfway mark again. (I think that's starting in June sometime.) You'll have to join the Sock-A-Month 6 KAL if they have one.

See you tonight!

Marti said...

I think the socks are adorable, but I can see how you might be disappointed with the busy-ness of the self striping when what you really want to see is the pattern. I like the look of entrelac, but we've had a bad run in with one another...might be time to start anew.

Cali said...

Wow I love the sock! I love how bright and fun it is!

I like enterlac a lot but still haven't taken the plunge and tried it. I don't think I would be able to start with a sock... lol But I love yours!

Cali said...

another note, what kind of yarn is that?

Frieda said...

I like the socks , the colours are beautiful and bright . i joined up for the summer of socks as well , even though the sock knitting mojo is missing at the moment . All baby knits all the time lately .


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