28 May 2008

Reese's Pieces Slippers

Finished but not felted:


Buttons added:

I think these are too cute and a quick knit! Very good for that " I accomplished something today" feeling!

Bye bye for now!


sue said...

Ooh they are so adorable. I love all the colored buttons too, very sweet. How long did they take to felt like that and did you have to put them on something to shape them.

Shannon said...

OMG too adorable!!! Leah might need a little tiny pair - b/c they look like shoes - I think they might even stay on her feet with that strap thing. They are SWEET - hope Reese will pass them on to us :-) Glad you're not too sick to knit, mother dear.

Shannon said...

I guess the buttons might be a choking risk for a baby, if she pulled them off?????

lexa said...

I think they were the cutest little slippers I've ever seen! The buttons are a sweet added touch. (I guess you'll have to leave the buttons off of Leah's!)

I was thinking of making some for the store out of my leftovers. If I ever do I'll have to do an "added touch". I have little flowers and ribbons that I use on my baby sets sometimes. They'd be cute.

Cali said...

So cute! I love the buttons! They really add extra cute! You'll have to show some pictures of reese in them :)

Landerson said...

OMG, way too cute!!! She's gonna love them:-) Thanks Mom!!!


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