27 May 2008

Cold Update

I still have the cold but I just wanted to post my finished Broadripple socks (please note how well the stripes match up ):

and show a picture of the Ballet Slippers I am making for Miss Reese. They are too cute and I think when they are finished I may attach buttons or needle felt little round thingies to look like Reese's pieces. How clever is that?

I am going to sit on my butt, watch the French Open tennis and knit on the little slippers! And hope I feel better tomorrow!

Bye bye for now.


Marti said...

Those little ballet slippers just fly, don't they? Very cute.

Landerson said...

Love the slippers!!!! I hope you're feeling better tomorrow too:)

lexa said...

They'll be cute. I've made two pairs so far, one with the button and strap, one without.

Love the socks! I have socks in that colorway, but they aren't Broadripples.

sue said...

Fantastic socks. I love those ballet slippers too, so cute.

Frieda said...

Very nice broadripple socks .You sure are cranking out those socks in record time !


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