20 May 2008

On My Way to Saint John

I am on my way tomorrow morning. Can't wait to get there and see the little ones, both the older one, the beautiful Reese and her handsome new little baby brother! Pictures will be posted!

I am taking a break from the Francie sock as I am one of those people who need to concentrate on this pattern. All the sole and toe shaping .........

I can't see that happening whilst I am away, so I decided to start another Broadripple sock.

I was going to try to knit a new sock pattern every time, but this one is so easy and looks so good when it is finished! And I am loving the way the colours are coming out! Very pretty.

Bye bye for now!

PS Did you notice in the last picture what came in the mail today? Some reading for my trip!


Shannon said...

I love the francie sock - it's beautiful!!!

lexa said...

Broadripples are easy and look good is stripey yarns. I've made several pairs.

Looks like someone has her eye on socks that aren't purple! :)

Cali said...

I am so crazy about the Francie sock!! I will have to try that one next...

The stripes are so nice on the Broadripple!

Have fun with the family :)


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