18 May 2008

Presenting Master Hunter Anderson

Getting a kiss from his big sister!

Wearing a new outfit!

Check out the chin. Does that say Sprague to anyone? Unka?

Bye bye!


Heddy said...

OMG ... I LOVE chin dimples! what a little cutie!

sue said...

Oh what a sweet little man he is. How gorgeous and lucky you too.

lexa said...

He's soooo cute! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna
how wonderfull are your grandbabys.
And I fell in Love with one sockpattern from you.
I couldn't find you email adress.
it would be great if you contact me.
My name is Susanne I am 45, spinning and knitting I do as much as I can, also a ex Nurse.
My email is
I have 3 e blogs
Hope speak to you soon

Cali said...

so cute!


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