02 May 2008

Perfectly matching Broadripple socks!

It is a beautiful sunny day, not too cool and definitely springlike. I think we may have turned the corner on winter! Knock on wood. Cross your fingers!
I finished the turquoise socks and am very pleased with them. They were fun to knit but an easy pattern to remember. I don't even hate the heels now. And they match perfectly! Every stripe is in the right place. The toes ended with the right colours. All in all, a successful project and they are for me!

We had Knit Nite here on Wednesday and I must say that I am really having fun with these girls. Everyone has something unique to offer and is happy to help with advice, encouragement, etc. I had a problem with my Rainbow Jacket and Marti had a question about finishing her afghan and it was just great to have opinions from other knitters! It is espcially great to talk about knitting stuff with someone and not have their eyes glaze over, as many of my friends do when the word Ravelry comes out of my mouth!

I also had a CT scan on my lower back on Wednesday and should here from my doc some time next week with the report. I hope something definitive shows up and that it can be fixed, but I fear it is going to be an arthritis related issue and not fixable at all! Again, cross your fingers.

I am off this morning to town. We are having friends in tonight for a barbeque and I need to get some food in. I have a new cleaning lady coming this afternoon, so I must be here for her. My poor cleaning lady is still in a cast from her car accident and it looks like it may take at least a few more weeks, if not more, before she can get back to work!

I don't mean to make anyone feel badly, but tomorrow night we have been invited out for a lobster feed! Yes! Freshly caught and cooked lobster! My all time favourite meal! I love it! I absolutely adore lobster!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

I absolutely hope and have fingers crossed that you don't have arthritis in your back. That's what my mother has, and they can't do anything for her. She has pain constantly. Not nice at all. She used to walk all the time, constantly, and now she can't. She walks to town once in awhile, which isn't far, but she usually suffers afterwards.

I love your socks! I decided when we get that colorway in again I need it.

We're having bbq tonight. T got home at 7:45 this morning, so he'll bbq so I get a break from cooking. We'll have chicken, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Tomorrow night is the annual Firemen's Banquet, and I think they're serving turkey dinner. Yum! The kids are spending the night at Nanny's since there is a dance afterwards. We never go out much. Three things a year are pretty important to us -- the banquet, Fire Prevention dance in October, and New Years Eve.

Heddy said...

the socks look fabulous! Broadripple is a favorite pattern of mine ... it always looks so nice with all the ripples (swanky!)

I am really enjoying Knit Nite too (and thanks, again, so much for hosting it at you place ... it is a really cozy, comfy setting, and so fun to see everyone each week).

I hope you get fixable news from your CAT scan (if so, they'll be on their way to making you into a Bionic woman!)

Lobster? Enjoy it, lucky-duck! Now you have it in my head, and I'll "need" some before the season is over.

Marti said...

I too loves the Knit Nite. I really look forward to it every week. And you do indeed have a great set up for it. Looks like I'll be ripping out my afgan edging for the 4th time this evening...had to take it to Lexa at the store to get another knitters opinion and we had a unanimous consensus.

I too loves the lobster, although I'm still at 6's and 9's about cooking it myself...that kinda new to me. Have a lovely lobster feed!

Dorothy said...

Beautiful socks!!

Frieda said...

I'm so envious of your Knit Nites ;-)). Wish I could come ! Love the broadripple socks , especially the colour , nice work .

Hope you get good news vis a vis your back . Will be keeping fingers crossed that it's something treatable . All the best !


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