25 May 2008

Another Darn Cold

Can you believe it? I have another head cold! Yesterday there was the sore throat which I convinced myself was just from the AC or air exchanger at Lauren's house. This morning when I woke up, I had to admit to deluding myself and realize that I did indeed have another *&@!&#!! cold! Bah humbug! So I decided that the best place for me was home, not staying in SJ infecting the whole house with my germs. And here I am, home again and really feeling put upon. It's not like I didn't just have the cold from H--- a few weeks ago! I don't know what I did to get this again. I am a nice person and really don't deserve another cold!

Anyway, enough whining. I have the obligatory baby pictures to post:

Hunter after a feeding:

And again:

And again:

Reese back to herself after her stomach flu!

Styling sunglasses!

Princess Reese:

John is going out to dinner tonight with friends and I am staying home to sulk and knit on my Broadripple sock!

Bye bye for now!


Shannon said...

So sorry you're sick - that is NOT fun at all. You deserve a break and should be healthy now for a year or two with no more colds! Great photos, Hunter is a sweetie and Reese looks cute as always!

Cali said...

Reese is just too cute! She has suck adorable red cheeks, and that hair! Those slippers are going to be perfect for her!

The baby is so teeny and cute!

I hope you feel better soon :(


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