24 May 2008

Another Update from SJ

Just a quick note to say that Reese is feeling better today and is running around laughing and playing. It is so nice to see her back to herself, smiling and happy!

Lauren and I went to Market Square today to the yarn shop there, called Cricket's Corner. I bought one skein of Noro Kueryon to knit her a pair of the fingerless gloves and some Lamb's Pride wool to knit slippers with. They had a lovely yellow and brown and will make a lovely pair for someone. So with all this wool, I see felted slippers in my future. No new sock yarn though.

We also went to this shop where the girls' bought a gift certificate for me for Mother's Day and I had a great time picking something out. It is called Handworks and has only crafts made in New Brunswick! I ended up with a dear little royal blue perfume bottle and a royal blue whale's tale! I have always wanted both of those things so I was positively delighted to get them today!

Bye bye for now.

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