23 February 2008

More Snow

It actually looks gorgeous out there with all the freshly fallen snow, but I will admit it is starting to get a bit much. John is out snowblowing our driveway and Mags is helping/hindering him but having a wonderful time. That dog loves the snow as much as our Cleo did! John just came in and says there is a least a foot of snow down and it is hard slogging out there!

Here is Mags playing on the deck:

And this is one of my favourite Cleo pics:

We went to the movie Vantage Point last night. I would give it a 6. The premise was good but the ending was weak and so let the whole movie down. The snow had started at that point so we had a nasty drive home.

Today is Shannon's birthday and she got the best birthday present: Leah gave her an ear to ear smile first thing this morning! What a great gift! How special is that?

I have recently discovered the joys and benefits Ravelry. Also the downside, which is spending time seeing what everyone else is doing. I decided that after seeing the Yarn Harlot make reference to it a few time, I would visit for myself. I did. It looked worthy and I decided to sign up. 6000 people were waiting to sign up and so I checked the link and discovered I had been admitted to the group in October. So I signed in and voila! Now I am trying to have everything I have knit since starting this blog, added to the Ravelry page. I can keep track through the blog of all my projects, but it could take a while to get them all posted on Ravelry! I even have two friends, a couple of my Knit Nite girls have added me, so I don't look like a total loser!

Finished: the David socks:

Started: a JoJo sweater for Leah:

Then I will finish the cabled sweater that I am more than halfway through for Reese and then, barring unforeseen projects, I will start the sweater for me that I got for Christmas!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

The socks turned out really cute. I love the little sock yarn sweaters, too. Reese's sweater is sweet, it's a gorgeous color.

I have socks on the brain even though there are other things I really want to make. I'd love to start my shawl or one of my sweaters. Maybe once I finish my current socks, and I'm making a couple of baby sweaters (my own patterns) for the store, but they usually go fast. So much to knit, so little time!

Too bad the movie didn't have a better ending. I thought it looked pretty good from the commercials. Plus I love Forest Whitaker. I'll probably wait til it's out on dvd. The last movies I saw in the theatre were Harry Potter 5 and Transformers. (Took the Oldest One to see them.) I don't get out much, unfortunately.

Landerson said...

You should be busy with all this knitting.
And GORGEOUS picture of Miss Cleo.....I bet she and Cash are up there is doggy heaven frolicking in the snow together;-)


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