19 February 2008

Out from under The Blaaaaaaaas

I finally finished my third pair of black or dark gray and very boring slippers. I do love knitting the felted slippers, but especially in the midst of our cold and very gray winter, it would be nice to knit with some pretty bright colours! The striped pair is for my BIL in England and the other two are for my Ottawa SIL so I did knit them with love, but am reallllllly glad to be finished with them.

I am now starting a pair of socks for young David in Regia Bamboo bluey colours. They are pretty and small and should be finished before too long, especially with the Scotties Curling on TV to keep me entertained!

Next on my list of UFOs is the little cabled sweater for Reese and then I hope to start the sweater kit that I got for me for Christmas!

Not much else going on here.

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

The slippers are more fun to knit when you can use brighter colors, aren't they? Of course, most things are more fun to knit if it's more "fun" colorwise!

The bamboo looks like it's a pretty shade. My bamboo socks are almost finished, I'll be starting the heel of the second sock today. I'll be glad to get them done and see how they wear. Lots of people ask about it when they buy it, but I don't really know how to answer (yet). It's very silky and knits up nice, even though you have to watch for splitting. At least in the kind I'm using.

Heddy said...

wow! you sure got those slippers whipped up quickly! They look great, and I bet they will be well appreciated (and hopefully worn often, to the point of needing new ones!)

David's socks are turning out very cute.

Hope to see you tomorrow nite at KN.


Dorothy said...

Those slippers are tempting me to knit some more.
But first I've been asked to get a stock of thrummed mittens done for a local store to sell this summer. YIKES!!
Working in the school library all day today :)


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