24 February 2008

Socks again!

Just a quick note: Yesterday I ran into our LYS, The Ball & Skein, which is where Lexa works, to see the new sock yarn. (She emails our Knit Nite group to let us know when new yarn comes in.) I couldn't believe it, I know I sound like Heddy, but 2 skeins of On Your Toes bamboo and a pattern book came home with me. After I said I wasn't going to knit any more socks. But the yarn was soft and pretty and the patterns looked fun and I do need something brain-deadish to take in the car. So Tadah:

The light purple pair are of course for Shan and I am using the pattern on the cover. The other will probably be for me and I want to try the cables pattern.

It was never my intent to knit any more socks. The girls at KN are a very bad influence on me!

Bye bye for now!


lexa said...

LOL! I finished one of the DK weight socks last night. Haven't gotten around to starting the other one yet today. I even did short row heels, but I must say I think I prefer the good old heel flap. Maybe once I get more practice with it I'll change my mind. Dunno, tho...

Frieda said...

Love the colours you picked and the pattern looks very nice as well. I haven't seen any of that yarn here , mind you I 'm trying to stay away from yarn shops for just a bit in order to do some stash busting .

Marti said...

Mmmmwwwaaaahahahahahhahahaha! (evil laugh)


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